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can't take me home.

backseat confidential
5 September 1985
666, 80s hair metal, ac/dc, airstream trailers, antique malls, being mean, bobby liebling, bon scott, books, bret michaels, bret michaels' shiny weave, buckminster fuller, burning churches, burzum, clearly not using drugs, cock sparrer, complete and total assholes, country western music, cultural appropriation, dead boys, def leppard, deifying bon scott, depressing karaoke, dressing like ted nugent, drinking binges, everything in excess, fashion, feathered headdresses, feminism, firearms, flea markets, fresh el caminos, fucking shredding, geodesic domes, getting real fuckin serious, girlschool, go away ron, gorgoroth, guns n' roses, hank williams, heaven & hell, heavy metal, high school babes, honky tonk angels, illegal warehouse shows, iron maiden, japanese hardcore, judas priest, lemmy, living after midnight, long beach, long haired metal boys, loretta lynn, lux interior, metal gods, motorhead, norwegian black metal dudes, number of the beast, off_wut, one-armed drummers, pentagram, ramming it down, ratt, religious kitsch, road trips, rob halford, rock n roll, rock of love, ronnie james dio, rowdy behavior, rusty cavender, schadenfreude, sexually objectifying teenage skateboarders, shooting guns, shoving it up, smoking, southern gothic bluegrass, spazz, speeding, talking shit, tawny kitaen doing gymnastics, the cramps, the night prowler, the ripper, the sword, the wild west, things that rip, traditional tattoos, unknown hinson, varg vikerenes, wailin riffs, x, young axl rose